About Brisbane Kobe Bridge

This website is an initiative of the Australia-Japan Society  – Queensland  Inc., working in conjunction with Brisbane City Council, to expand the long standing Sister City relationship between these two great Port cities.  Different hemispheres, but similar time zones and around 8 hours flying time between the cities.

The aim is to take advantage of the changing world markets where business and information is exchanged and transacted rapidly through global communications networks.  It will take advantage of the fact that there is a shorter channel for example between business and the customer, between research and better community health, between education and opportunities for students around the world. Small and medium sized enterprises can now compete successfully on the world market.  Incubation of new ideas can prosper in this environment.

Brisbane and Kobe organisations can work together in other markets as well where Sister City arrangements exist where these type of initiatives are also occurring.

Brisbane also has sister city relationships with:

Auckland – New Zealand
Shenzhen – China
Semarang – Indonesia
Kaohsiung – Taiwan
Daejeon – Korea
Chongqing- China
Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Hyderabad – India

>> view list of Kobe Sister Cities here

It is not only business that will benefit from this new initiative but also research institutes, universities and collaborative government exchanges.